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Group Members

Current Members

  • Andreas Grings, M.Sc. - Head of Group
  • Philipp Ritt, PhD
  • Johann Brand, M.Sc. - PhD student - Partial Volume Corrections
  • James Sanders, MSc - PhD Student Computational Engineering - SPECT imaging, respiratory signal extraction
  • Felix Meister, BSc - Project Worker Computational Engineering - Image decomposition algorithms for application in dosimetry
  • Michael Beck, MD - Clinical Researcher - Quantitative SPECT imaging (DPD, PSMA ligands)
  • Julia Reinfelder, MD - Clinical Researcher - Quantitative SPECT imaging (PSMA ligands)
  • Christian Schmidkonz - Clinical Researcher - New methods in SPECT imaging
  • Matthias Wetzl - MD Student - Cardiac SPECT imaging
  • André Thyroff - MD Student - Accuracy of liver volume determination for SIRT dosimetry
  • Tobias Schmoll - MD Student - Tc-99-MAA as Predictor for SIRT-Sphere Distribution
  • Constantijn Sebesta - MD Student - Accuracy of abdominal organ determination for PRRT dosimetry


  • Kathrin Reuß, MSc - Validation of the GAMOS Monte-Carlo Toolkit
  • Sophia Beck, BSc - Absolute activity quantification in small-animal SPECT/CT
  • Friedrich Welz - SPECT quantification of cerebral Tc-99m-HMPAO uptake
  • Carl v. Gall, MD - Wholebody PET/MRI
  • Natalia Rebhuhn - SPECT quantification of Tc-99m-DPD uptake in bony lesions of the spine
  • Frederike Bauer - Analysis of changes in bone metabolism of facet joints using hybrid SPECT/CT
  • Florian Zahnleiter, MD - Comparison of iterative reconstruction algorithms in PET/CT
  • Jens Barth, MSc - Automated vesel segmentation in 4-D FET-PET/CT
  • Elena Molina, MSc - Automated brain extraction in dynamic FET-PET/CT
  • Michal Cachovan, PhD - Automated clustering of time-activity curves in FET-PET/CT
  • Alexander Kiefer, MD - Accuracy of automated, multimodal PET-MRI registration