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Imaging and Physics

The Imaging and Physics Group

The Imaging and Physics Group (IPG) was founded in 2016 in an effort to bundle the research activities on imaging related topics of the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine.

The group's research focus is the field of medical imaging, specifically molecular- (PET, SPECT) and multimodal imaging (PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MRI).

Other research topics of our group are radiation protection and dosimetry for therapeutic applications of radionuclides.

We have direct access to the following devices:

  • Multiple clinical ultrasound devices
  • Two clinical SPECT/CT systems
  • Clinical PET/CT system
  • Pre-clinical PET/SPECT/CT system

Through collaborations:

  • Multiple clinical CTs and MRIs (Dep. of Radiology)
  • Pre-clinical MRI and US devices (PIPE group)

We are always interested in research collaborations with other institutions or with industrial partners. Our Clinic of Nuclear Medicine has a long history of industry projects.

We have a regular research meeting, the Colloquium "Multimodal Imaging".

For students: If you'd like to pursue your Bachelor's, Master's, or Medical Doctorate studies at our group, have a look at the available theses. Modifications of the proposed topics are possible and can be arranged. In any case, please adress yourself to Andreas Grings(gerne auch auf deutsch).